non-alcoholic – 15



A savory tropical sipper for when you’re in an Old-Fashioned frame of mind. 
Clarified Tomato, Clarified Passionfruit, Grapefruit Twist

Horse and Carriage

Marriage of three ingredients into a spritz.
Carbonated Clarified Granny Smith Apple, Clarified Carrot,Tazmanian Pepper Berry



Sipping on pear juice while walking through a Greek grandmother’s herb garden.
Carbonated Clarified Comice Pear, Mt. Olympus Tea


Honeyed bubbles from the stingless Melipona honey bee, the only natural pollinator of vanilla orchids.
Carbonated Melipona Honey, Clarified Lemon, Vanilla


carbonated – 15


Step Back

Bitter, light and refreshing; the drink to have when you’re going to have four cocktails or need a break between rounds.
Caperitif, Sfumato, Dry Vermouth, Champagne Acid

Saratoga Paloma

Naturally salty mineral water rested underground for millions of years drawn just for this cocktail. Geologically speaking this drink rocks.
Tequila, Saratoga Springs Hathorne #3, Clarified Grapefruit,  Clarified Lime

Carrot Vodka Soda

The vodka soda you wish you were drinking instead of that juice cleanse.
Vodka, Carrot, Orange Syrup, Clarified Lime


Strawberry Carborita

Carbonated strawberry margarita.
Tequila, Clarified Strawberry, Clarified Orange, Clarified Lime

Toki Lowball

Not a Toki Highball. 無.
Toki, Hojicha, Oolong, Lapsang, Souchong


shaken – 15


OG Celery

Green and fresh nitro muddled gin sour. 
Gin, Celery, Parsley, Orange Syrup, Lime

White Flag

Surrender to your desire for a hazelnut mudslide.
Rum, Cream Syrup, Frangelico, Cold Brew Coffee
(Contains Nuts)



A bitter sweetish Norwegian sour.
Milk-Washed Aquavit, Aperol, Cynar, Acid-Adjusted Grapefruit



stirred rock – 15


Professor Plum

An old-fashioned in the conservatory with the lead pipe.
Prune Bourbon

Barry Huffman

Malt and herbs, Oh Yeah!
Genever, Rum, Bénédictine, Green Chartreuse,
Acid-Adjusted Lemon Cordial

Waffle Turkey 101

More breakfasty than a bacon old-fashioned.
Waffle-Infused Bourbon, Maple Syrup (Contains Gluten)


Joy of Mango

The pure niceness of Jamaica in a glass.
Mango Rum, Clarified Jamaican Pepper Sauce

Banana Justino

Our favorite straight pour. Clear, smooth, easy drinkin’.
Rum, Bananas



stirred up – 15


The Martini you want to drink on trip from Jerez to the Canary Islands.
Fino Sherry, Saffron-Infused Plymouth Gin, Yellow Chartreuse


This boozy rye cocktail entices with a whisper of heat and chocolate from dried urfa pepper.
Rye, Urfa Biber-Infused East India Sherry, Bénédictine



Bright, bitter and smokey.
Scotch, Mezcal, Ramazotti, Acid-Adjusted Lemon Cordial




bottled – 15

Bottled Manhattan

Classic Manhattan.
Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Cherry

Bottled Martini

Classic 50/50 Martini.
Plymouth Gin, Dry Vermouth, Orange Bitters, Lemon Twist

Cinema Highball

Like sneaking rum into a movie theater.
Butter & Popcorn-Infused Rum, Coke



wine – 15/60



Cremant de Jura, NV, Domaine Rolet
Chardonnay, Poulsard, Pinot Noir
Dry, Crisp, Slightly Oxidized


Macon-Villages, 2017, Hertiers Du Comte Lafon
Low Oak, No Butter


Etna Rosso, 2016, Tenuta Della Terre Nere
Nerello Mascalese
Easy Drinking Summer Red





Sorachi Ace – 10

Brooklyn Brewery
Farmhouse Saison Ale, 12 oz bottle, 34 IBU, 7.2% abv
Medium Bodied, Cloudy, Featuring the Rare Sorachi Ace Hop

Blanche de Bruxelles –  10

Belgian Witbier, 16.9 oz can, 18 IBU, 4.5% abv
Light and Bright, Refreshing

Arlo Cider – 10

Vermont Dry Cider, 12 oz can, 6.2% abv
Dry, Slightly Acetic Crusher



139 – 10

Wolffer Estate
Long Island Rose Cider, 10 oz can, 6.9% abv
Semi-Dry and Clean

Cidre Bouche Brut – 15

Etienne Dupont
Traditional Norman Unfiltered Cider, 375 ml bottle, 5.5% abv
Off-Dry, Golden, Good